Press Release

Closing of 20th St. from Grove to Eureka

The City of Wyandotte was made aware of a cockroach issue on the 3500 block of 20th St.   As a proactive measure to prevent further roach migration, the City has determined it to be in the best interest of the citizens to close 20th Street, and the sidewalks, from Eureka to Grove on Monday, October 31, 2022, from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Barricades and signage will be placed on the street and at sidewalks at Grove, the intersections of Orchard and Pine, and at Eureka, closing the street and sidewalk to vehicles and pedestrians.  It is recommended that Trick-or-Treating be discouraged in this area.  There have been no reports of any roach infestation occurring outside of the immediate area.

Trick-or-Treating will go on as planned throughout the rest of the city from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Mayor DeSana stated “Although this is an unfortunate incident for the residents of this block, they, as well as all residents of Wyandotte can be reassured that the city is taking every measure legally possible to eliminate the source of this infestation including spraying of insecticide along sidewalks, the lawn area between the sidewalk and street, and along the curb line in certain areas of the street in the affected area.”