Presenting Business, Addressing the Council, and Dress Code

Addressing the Council
BE IT RESOLVED that effective immediately, persons may address the City Council under the following rules:
1.    Persons may submit written communications to Mayor and Council via the Office of the City Clerk. All communications must be received no later than 4:30PM on the Wednesday prior to an upcoming meeting of the City Council. Submitted items from the public shall not exceed 2 pages of written content and 3 pages of supporting documentation. Please note that any submitted documents deemed necessary for formal Council action must be treated as a public record and will be placed on the city’s website as part of the agenda packet.
2.    Any person may address the Mayor and Council during the Call to the Public portion of the meeting.
3.    Any person may address the Mayor and Council at the conclusion of Council discussion of each agenda item and when public comment is requested by the Mayor.
4.    Persons shall approach the podium when recognized by the Mayor. To maintain order and civility, those in attendance are asked to address the Mayor and Council from the podium only.
5.    The total time that a person may address the City Council is three (3) minutes unless the City Council, by majority vote, suspends this rule.
6.    When the time limit expires, the Mayor shall so notify the speaker and permit him or her to complete their address within thirty (30) seconds.
7.    If the speaker has not finished at the end of thirty (30) seconds, the Mayor or other presiding official shall strike the gavel and direct the speaker to cease their address immediately.
8.    Offensive, threatening, or abusive language shall not be used when addressing the City Council. Personal attacks directed toward any officer, employee, or City Council member will not be tolerated. Individuals shall address their comments to the Mayor. Council members will not directly respond to comments or questions that arise during the public portion of the meeting.
9.    Individuals not complying with directives to remain orderly shall be asked to leave the Council Chambers, or be removed by the proper authorities as directed by the Mayor.

(Resolution #2018-130, 4-9-2018, unanimous; Resolution #2018-399, 9-17-2018, unanimous; Resolution #2022-60, 3-14-2022, unanimous)

How to submit an item for agenda consideration:

1.  Email:
2.  In person OR Postal mail: 

      Wyandotte City Hall 
      3200 Biddle Ave.
      1st Floor - City Clerk
      Wyandotte, MI  48192

Dress Code
City Council adopted a dress code under the authority of Section 3 of the Michigan Open Meetings Act and Section 71 of the Wyandotte City Charter that states as follows:

"To maintain the dignity and decorum of the City Council Meetings and so as not to disrupt said meetings no person shall be allowed to attend and/or address the Wyandotte City Council unless they are dressed in proper attire. Persons not wearing shoes or wearing inappropriate clothing such as tank top-type I-shirts, bathing suits. and inappropriate shorts and men's hats or caps or the like shall be excluded from the meetings."

Signs advising the public of these rules are posted on the first floor of the City Hall Building and immediately outside the City Hall Chambers.

Meeting Times

The City Council shall meet in a regular session in Council Chambers at Wyandotte City Hall, 3200 Biddle Avenue, at least two (2) times each month at 7:00PM, with dates to be determined by city council via resolution prior to the start of each calendar year. Meeting dates are subject to change. An updated list of City Council meeting dates and agenda item submission deadlines is posted on the City’s website at

All City Council Meetings may be viewed on Local Access Channel 16 on the following dates and times:

Monday at 11:00 pm
Tuesday at 9:00 am and 1:30 pm 
Friday at 11:00 am, 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm
Saturday at 9:00 am 

(Resolution of 7/12/2005, unanimous; Charter Amendment of August 2018, passed by electors)