Through its boards and commissions, the city offers numerous opportunities for residents to get involved.  Board and Commission members provide input to the Mayor, City Council, City Administrator and Departments on a variety of issues affecting the City.  More than 100 volunteers serve on various boards and commissions, many of which make direct recommendations to the City Council or to a City Department.  Members examine a variety of issues from building safety, development planning and neighborhood zoning regulations.  As a board or commission member, you are an important part of the City process and the City appreciates your devotion, energy, time and expertise spent in making Wyandotte a great community. 

 Our Guide to becoming a Board member or Commissioner will assist you in answer any questions you may have about boards, commissions, committees, and their subcommittees. 

 If you are interested in serving on a Board or Commission, please complete our Board and Commission Application.

If you are a current board member, or commissioner, our Board Member Orientation Materials and Resource Guide will answer questions about your service and training opportunities as a board member.

Wyandotte Training

The City of Wyandotte encourages ongoing education and training for staff and board members charged with making development related decisions for the community.  The Development Training Strategy aims to identify resources available to these individuals in order to foster a more productive, collaborative and informed decision-making process.  This guide is not meant to be an all-inclusive list of trainings available, but to be used to encourage continuing education and explore potential educational opportunities.  The city has an annual training budget for all boards and commissions which supports this initiative.