Park Rules
Hours are 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, year round. Pets, Bikes, Skateboards, Rollerblades and Alcohol are not permitted in city parks. Skateboards and Rollerblades are permitted in the Wyandotte Skate Park.

Wyandotte Skate ParkPic-Depts-SkatePark2

The Wyandotte Skate Park is a purpose-built recreational environment for skateboarders, roller bladers and BMX bike riders to ride and develop their technique.

Park Location:
The Skate Park is located in Memorial Park at the corner of 20th and Grove. 

Park Hours:
9:00 am until Dusk, daily – weather permitting.

Skate Park Rules:

  1. Park is Non-Supervised. No On-site Supervision.
  2. Please wear proper safety equipment.
  3. Participants and spectators assume their own risk.
  4. Spectator must stay off skating surface.
  5. This is an aggressive skate park.
  6. Courtesy is contagious.
  7. No roughhousing is permitted.
  8. Keep park safe and clean.
  9. Glass containers are not permitted.
  10. No alcohol, drugs, or smoking.

Wyandotte Dog Park

The Wyandotte Dog Park features two sections, one for large dogs and one for small dogs. There was several benches and picnic tables, as well as a dog drinking fountain and dog wash station. Users must be Wyandotte residents.

Park Location:
The Dog Park is located in VFW Park at the corner of 11th and Cherry.

Park Hours:
6:00 am until 9:00 pm – Access restricted to registered users.

Dog Park Rules:
Use of the dog park is at the user’s own risk.

  1. Dogs must be leashed while entering/exiting the dog park.
  2. Dogs displaying aggressive behavior need to be leashed and removed from the park.
  3. Dogs wearing prong, pitch, or spiked collars are not permitted in the dog park.
  4. Dogs must be accompanied by an owner who is 16 years of age and is capable of controlling their dog.
  5. Children under the age of 6 are not permitted in the dog park. Young children should be well supervised and not permitted to run, shout, scream, chase after dogs, and shouldn’t pet another dog unless given permission by the owner.
  6. Owner’s must be attentive (not distracted by personal devices, baseball game, or other activities taking place in the park), so that they may see any negative behaviors that their dog(s) may be displaying and address the situation.
  7. Owners must remain in the fenced in area with their dog(s) at all times.
  8. Users must clean up their dogs waste immediately and dispose of it in the proper waste receptacles.
  9. Users must fill any holes that their dogs may dig.
  10. Dogs in heat and puppies under 4 months of age are prohibited from using the park.
  11. Food, smoking, alcoholic beverages, glass containers, dog treats of any kind, are prohibited in the park.
  12. Any toys that may be brought to the park must not be left behind, toys that are left behind will be disposed of.
  13. All dogs must be licensed and registered to use the park, up to date on vaccinations (rabies, bordetella, and distemper), and the owner must carry identification while using the park.
  14. No more than two dogs per handler allowed.
  15. Access cards may not be shared with other dog owners.
  16. Users can be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by their dog(s).
  17. For the protection of other dogs, dogs known to be sick, have been vomiting, had diarrhea, etc. are not allowed in the park.
  18. Failure to abide by these rules can/will result in suspension of park privileges.
  19. Owners will return their key cards when their registration expires or they will be charged the cost of the card (unless they renew their registration).

Bishop ParkPic-Depts-BishopParkPlayground

Bishop Park is situated along the Detroit River and is contiguous to the Wyandotte Central Business District. The 12.2 acre park is the second largest of the 13 parks in the city. The park offers excellent fishing opportunities from its large fishing pier. The park also features a concession stand (hours vary) with an open air wood deck picnic area, umbrellas, restrooms, two large picnic shelters, playground equipment and basketball courts.  The picnic shelters may be used by the public, however they may not be reserved in advance and are first-come, first serve. Temporary event tents are permitted in the park, however due to the sprinkler system, they may not be attached with stakes. If anchoring is required, please use sand bags or water barrels.

Along the Detroit River on Van Alstyne from Elm Street to Vinewood.

Park Hours:
6:00 am to 10:00 pm, year round. Pets, Bikes, Skateboards and Rollerblades are not permitted in the park. Alcohol is not permitted in the park. Fishing is permitted only on the pier during times noted.

BASF Waterfront ParkPic-Depts-BASFPark2

BASF Waterfront Park is located along the Detroit River, just south of Eureka Road. The 20 acre park is the largest in the city, and features a romantic brick promenade, look-out decks, rowing launch, trails, sand volleyball courts and an amphitheater. BASF Waterfront Park host several entertainment events throughout the year. Notable events include the Hebda Cup & Wyandotte High school Rowing Regattas. 

Along the Detroit River just south of Eureka Road.

Park Rules
6:00 am to 10:00 pm, year round. Pets, Bikes, Skateboards and Rollerblades are not permitted in the park. Alcohol is not permitted in any city park. 

BASF Waterfront Park Promenade/Gazebo Rental
BASF Waterfront Park may be rented for weddings and other special events. For more information on rental, please contact the Recreation, Leisure & Culture Department at 734-324-7295 or

Other Parks

Pulaski Park
12th Street & Oxford Court
Memorial Park
20th Street & Ludington
V.F.W. Park
11th Street & Cherry
Oak Club Park
20th Street & Vinewood
Exchange Park
2nd Street& Felice
Jaycees Park
4th Street & Mulberry
K of C Tot Lot
McKinley & Davis
F.O.P. Park
8th & Bondie
Kiwanis Club Park
6th Street & North Drive
Wyandotte Athletic Association Park
Alfred & Highland 
Richard W. Smith Memorial Playground
Rotary Park
3rd Street & Maple
Wm & Edna Kreger Memorial Playground
P.A.C. Club Park
6th & Alkali 
Anthony Kulik Memorial Playground
Wyandotte Lions Club Park
Vinewood & 9th Street

Lions Club and Richard W. Smith Memorial Park Dedications – August 12th, 2009

Pic-Depts-LionsClubPark1 Pic-Depts-LionsClubPark4
Pic-Depts-LionsClubPark3 Pic-Depts-LionsClubPark2

Theodore Roosevelt Indoor Track and Fitness Facility

The Roosevelt indoor track and fitness facility is open for use to all Wyandotte Residents, Wyandotte City Employees and Wyandotte Public School Employees 18 years of age and older. Identification is required for admittance. Use of this facility is made possible in cooperation with the School District of the City of Wyandotte. The facility features an indoor track, fitness center has six elliptical machines for cardio workouts, four rowing machines, four recumbent bikes and four upright bikes. The center features a large set of free weights and 21 weight machines for upper and lower body parts as well as abs.

Theodore Roosevelt High School
540 Eureka, Wyandotte

Monday – Friday 5 am – 7:30 am
Facility follows school calendar and is closed when school is closed & summer break

Indoor Track: No charge
Weight & Fitness Room: $1.00 per visit

Facility guests should use the parking lot at the corner of Maple and 7th Streets, adjacent to the Gymnasium. Please use the Gymnasium entrance.

For more information about the Track and Fitness Facility you may call Roosevelt High School at 734-246-1000.