Benjamin F. Yack

Mr. Yack was named Wyandotte's first Recreation Director in 1936 and was instrumental in having lights installed at the baseball diamonds at Pulaski Park in 1939.  After a stint in the Air Force from 1942-1945, Ben settled in Wyandotte with his wife, Gertrude, and sons Tom and Bob.

Mr. Yack is nationally recognized for developing the first version of T-ball to help younger athletes transition into baseball.  He helped institute the annual Detroit Tiger Exhibition charity event that benefited area Sandlot baseball teams.  

Ben's vision of a municipal athletic complex was realized with the construction of Memorial Park and Pool in 1954.  Wyandotte's Yack Arena was named for him in 1969.  He retired in 1973 and passed away in 1981, but his legacy lives on.


3131 Third Street, Wyandotte
Phone: 734-324-7290

The Benjamin F. Yack Arena is home to Wyandotte Figure Skating Club and the Wyandotte Warrior Hockey Association. The Yack Arena also offers Open ice skating throughout the season.

The Yack Arena is also a versatile public recreation center, Wyandotte-B.F.-Yack-Recreation-Centerwhich hosts several different events from March through August. The building is comprised of 25,440 square feet of floor space, one kitchen, four locker rooms, first aid room, restrooms and showers. The arena seats a total of 3,000 persons. The parking lot can accommodate 100 cars. The facility is also air conditioned year-round and has a state-of the art sound system. Tables and chairs are also available for rent at the arena.


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