DTE will be in the City beginning in March 2020.  The state requires a gas meter safety inspection every 36 months. The process includes a visual assessment of the meter, piping and components as well as a leak check, using a gas detector.  Meter Assembly Check consists of the replacement of aging natural gas infrastructure. The current infrastructure consists mainly of cast iron or unprotected steel mains and steel or copper service lines. The installation and relocation of new natural gas advance meters from inside to outside locations, including renewing service lines, will offer customers safer and more convenient service.

The Gas Renewal Program Process will generally occur as follows: 1) DTE Energy contractors will install the Gas Main; 2) DTE Energy crews will install/ upgrade services; and 3) DTE Energy contractors will complete restorations. DTE will be utilizing three methods of communication with customers, including letters, door hangers and postcards depending on the phase of the project. Communication is essential for this project since all gas appliances will need to be relit after the new lines and meters are installed. Please take the time to read these documents

Update: June 8, 2024:

DTE will be commencing the 2024 Gas Renewal Program (GRP) on Monday, June 10th.  This year’s project scope is very limited and will have a much less community impact than the two previous years. 

The 2024 GRP consists of gas main work at the following locations:

  1. 22nd Street (Pine – Marshall)
  2. Orchard at the 11th Street intersection.

The grid (pipe) installation should take about two weeks and DTE restoration crews will follow the grid work promptly with permanent restoration efforts.

17x11 Meter Move Out Infographic-

DTE Website - Safety & Reliability
DTE Meter Assembly Check Program - Presentation to City Council - February 2020
DTE Meter Assembly Check Program - Presentation to City Council - April 2023
Overall Map - April 2022