The City of Wyandotte has contracted with GFL Environmental for trash collection services beginning February 1, 2024.  The following frequently asked questions and answers aims to inform residents and businesses of what to expect with the change.   Any additional questions not answered herein can be addressed by calling the Department of Public Services (DPS) at 734.324.4580 or the Engineering and Building Department at 734.324.4551.

Will my trash be picked up on the same day?

Yes, GFL will utilize the City’s existing residential trash day schedule.  Dumpster pickups will also remain on their current schedule.

Will a new toter be provided for trash collection?

No. The current practice for owners providing their own 32-gallon cans or leasing a 96-gallon toter from the City remains in place.  Existing toters will remain in circulation.  Contact DPS at 734.324.4580 for scheduling toter service or to replace damaged toters.

Will my business get a new dumpster?

UPDATE JANUARY 19, 2024: GFL will be purchasing the commercial front load dumpsters from Waste Management resulting in no swapping of dumpsters and no disruption of service.  GFL will “rebrand” the dumpsters in the spring. Existing rear load dumpsters will not be swapped but will be considered for an upgrade to a front load dumpster where feasible.  

Will the switch to GFL change how I put my residential trash out?

No.  All trash shall be placed in 32 gallon or 96 gallon containers with a lid.  No new trash containers will be provided or required.  Similar to the existing practice, two bulk items per week are also allowed for pick up.  Tires, or any items containing freon, will need a Special Refuse Sticker.  Special Refuse Stickers will be available for purchase at the Engineering and Building Department at City Hall and at the DPS, 4201 13th Street.  No construction materials or demolition debris will be picked up.

What are the trash collection hours?

Residential trash collection commences at 7:00am and should be completed by 5:00pm.

Commercial trash in the downtown area can be picked up at 6:00am.

When can I put my trash out?

Trash may be placed out after 6:00pm the night before your trash day.  Containers shall be removed from the street or alley the day after your scheduled collection.

How do I report a missed pick up?

Any missed collections should be reported to the DPS at 734.324.4580.

I want to recycle, what are my options?

Two options are available.  The Recycle Center at 1170 Grove Street is free to all residents.  See the City website for details.  Residents can also subscribe to curbside recycling by contracting directly with GFL at $14.66 per month, including cart.  Call 844.464.3587 to enroll.

Will City-wide curbside recycling be provided?

No.  Residents can pursue curbside recycling through subscription with GFL directly.  Alternatively, the Recycle Center at 1170 Grove Street is free to all residents.  Hours are posted here.

I already subscribe to curbside recycling with the previous contractor, will my subscription carry forward?

No.  The current contractor will terminate all curbside recycling accounts on your last day of collection in January.  A prorated refund for unused services will be credited back to the subscriber’s credit card.  Anyone previously subscribed and desiring to continue subscription service will have to enroll with GFL by calling 844.464.3587.  

Can I keep my recycling toter?

The recycling toters provided by Waste Management will now be the property of GFL.  If you were a subscriber with Waste Management the recycling toters will not be collected but may be continued to be used with a new subscription with GFL.  The existing recycling toters currently in use will be “rebranded” by GFL in the spring with no disruption to service. GFL will be contacting subscribers with information on how to continue curbside recycling service with GFL.  

When will curbside recycling subscriptions be picked up?

Subscription recycling will be collected every other Thursday, with routes alternating between areas north of Vinewood one week and south of Vinewood the next week.

Will City-wide curbside yard waste recycling be provided?

No.  Residents can pursue curbside yard waste recycling through subscription with the DPS.  Applications are available at Customer Services at City Hall, and here.  Alternatively, the Recycle Center at 1170 Grove Street is free to all residents.  

The City of Wyandotte and GFL look to provide a positive transition for your trash collection services.

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