The Wyandotte Department of Public Service’s goal is to provide a bare pavement quality recognized by many other Snow Belt cities. Proper control of parking and traffic contributes significantly to reducing response time and operational costs. We ask that you cooperate in the following ways:

  • If you hire a private contractor for snow removal services please remind them not to plow snow into the public roadway. This is not only disruptive to local traffic and snow removal operations, but it is illegal.
  •  Refrain from parking vehicles on any street during snow and sleet. If a snow emergency is declared, all parked vehicles must be removed from the street.
  •  Do not use snow blowers to blow snow in the street.
  •  Do not let children play on the mounds of snow near the roadway. It is difficult for snowplow operators to see Wyandotte.
  •  Once your street is plowed ‘curb to curb’ you may park your automobile back on the street.
  •  The following priorities for removing snow and ice from local roads are:

1. Police and fire facilities, bridges, hills and curves. 
2. Major road networks and emergency routes. 
3. The balance of the local roads.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding snow removal, you may contact the DPS at 734- 324-4580 or For after hours emergencies, please call our 24/7 Emergency Number: 734-324-4405 (Wyandotte Police Department).