Pic-Depts-WalgreensDevelopmentThe Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption Certificate, Public Act 198 of 1974 as amended, provides an incentive to encourage new investment in industrial buildings and research and development laboratories, including land improvements, machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures. Generally speaking, if a certificate is issued by the City and approved by the State Tax Commission, the property taxes for real or personal property will be approximately 50% of the taxes that would otherwise be payable. The duration of the certificate is for 1-12 years, with the duration determined by the Mayor and Council. For additional information regarding the Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption Process, you may visit the State of Michigan’s website.

IFEC Payback and Transfer Policy

The City of Wyandotte utilizes the program more aggressively than any other community in the downriver area of Southeast Michigan, and since 1988, has granted every exemption certificate requested for the maximum 12-year period permitted under State law. Unlike most cities, there is no minimum requirement for dollar amount invested or number of jobs retained or created to qualify for a certificate.

As of January 2009, the City had 21 Industrial Development Districts and 6 Plant Rehabilitation Districts, covering most industrial areas in the City.