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The City Assessor is responsible for estimating the market value of your property, for tax purposes. This is accomplished through discovering, identifying, and classifying all taxable property in the city. To determine the value of any piece of property, the assessor's office must first gather all pertinent information such as the physical description of the improvement, real estate sales, construction costs, rental incomes, operating expenses, interest rates and any other factors that may affect value. The assessor's office analyzes that type of data to establish the market value for each property. The Assessor’s Office keeps records on all properties, both land and buildings located in the City of Wyandotte.

How to Contact Us

The Assessor’s Office is located at 3200 Biddle Avenue, Suite 200 and can be reached by calling 734-324-4510.Portrait-Galeski-Thumbnail
Fax: 734-324-4568

City Assessor:  Ted Galeski

Deputy Assessor:  Susan Walker

Policy and Procedure
Inspection and Copying of Assessment Records

All Assessment Records for the City of Wyandotte are located at the City Hall, 3200 Biddle Ave, Suite 200, Wyandotte MI 48192.
City Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm with the exception of observed holidays.
Property owner’s records are available free of charge.

PA660 MCL211.0g(1)(c) Policy

All others may obtain records though the Freedom of Information Act; in accordance with the City policy adopted June 23, 2015.
Information is also available free of charge by clicking here.

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