City Department Contacts are filed in relation of business to the department. If you are unsure of whom to direct your feedback or comments to you may contact us by email at

Wyandotte Main Number: 734-324-4500 
Wyandotte Municipal Services Customer Assistance: 734-324-7100

Directory Department Phone Number 
(Area Code - 734 unless otherwise noted)


Abandoned/Vacant Homes Engineering/Building 324-4551
Abandoned Vehicles Police Dept./Ordinance 324-4418
Absentee Ballots City Clerk 324-4560
Accounts Payable Finance 324-4546
Alley Maintenance Department of Public Services 324-4580
Animal Licenses Police Department Records 324-4413
Animal Nuisances Downriver Central Animal Control 246-1328
Apartment Inspections Engineering/Building 324-4451
Arson/Fire Investigation Fire Dept. 324-4404
Assessments Assessing 324-4511
Art Fair Special Events 324-4502


Ballot (Absentee Voter) City Clerk 324-4560
BASF Waterfront Park Rental Recreation 324-7290
Beautification Awards Beautification Commission 324-7293
Bids City Clerk 324-4560
Bills (Utility, Cable) Municipal Services 324-7190
Birth Certificates City Clerk 324-4560
Block Party Permit City Clerk 324-4560
Board of Review Assessing 324-4510
Boards & Commissions Mayor's Office 324-4544
Boat Launch Recreation 284-6774
Brush/Leaf Collection Department of Public Services 324-4580
Building & Facility Maintenance Department of Public Services 324-4580
Building Code Engineering/Building 324-4551
Building Permits/Inspections Engineering/Building 324-4551


Cable TV Municipal Services 324-7190
Cat License Police Dept. Records 324-4413
Certificate of Occupancy Engineering/Building 324-4551
Christmas Tree Disposal Department of Public Services 324-4580
City Council Agenda City Clerk 324-4560
City Events Special Events 324-4502
Commissioners (application) Mayor's Office 324-4544
Concrete Inspections Engineering/Building 324-4551
Construction Permits/Inspections Engineering/Building 324-4551
Court (District) 27th District Court 324-4575
Criminal Matters 27th District Court 324-4477


Death Certificates City Clerk 324-4560
Deferment of Summer Taxes Treasury 324-4570
Delinquent Taxes - Current Year Treasury 324-4570
Delinquent Taxes - Previous Year Wayne County 313-224-5990
Demolition Permits Engineering/Building 324-4551
Detective Bureau Police Dept. 324-4432
District Court 27th District Court 324-4475
Dog Licenses Police Dept. Records 324-4413
Door-to-Door Solicitor License City Clerk 324-4560
Downtown Banner Application DDA 324-7298
Downtown Development Authority DDA 324-7298


Elections City Clerk 324-4560
Electrical Service Municipal Services 324-7190
Electrical Permits/Inspections Engineering/Building 324-4551
Electronic Sign Request (Fort St.) Mayor's Office 324-4544
Employment Administration 324-4543
Events Special Events  324-4502
Evictions 27th District Court 324-4475


Fences Engineering/Building 324-4551
Fire Administrative Office Fire Dept. 324-4404
Fire (Non-Emergencies) Fire Dept. 324-4401
Fire Codes Fire Dept. 324-7252
Fire Emergencies Fire Dept. 911
Fireworks Regulations Fire Dept. 324-7252
Fire Pits Fire Dept. 324-7252
Flooding (streets) Department of Public Services 324-4580
Fort St. Sign Mayor's Office 324-4544
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) City Clerk 324-4560


Garage Sales City Clerk 324-4560
Garbage Collection Department of Public Services 324-4580
Golf Course Recreation 324-7270
Grass (high/uncut) Department of Public Services 324-4580


Handbills/Flyers City Clerk 324-4560
Hardship Exemption Assessing 324-4510
Historical Society Museum 324-7299
Household Hazardous Waste Wayne County 326-3939
Housing Complaints Engineering/Building 324-4551


Job Applications Administration 324-4543
Junk Cars (on street or property) Ordinance 324-4418
Junk in Yard Department of Public Services 324-4580


Landlord Tenant Matters 27th District Court 324-4492
Leaf Collection Department of Public Services 324-4580
Library Bacon Memorial Library 246-8357
Licenses City Clerk 324-4560
Loitering Police Dept. 324-4438


Marriage License Wayne County 313-224-6262
Meals on Wheels Copeland Center 324-7279
Mechanical Permits/Inspections Engineering/Building 324-4551
Memorial Bricks (Veteran's) Mayor's Office 324-4544
Museum Museum 324-7284


Noise Complaint Police Dept. 324-4438


Parade Info Special Events 324-4502
Parks Recreation 324-7290
Parking Lots (Municipal) Department of Public Services 324-4580
Payroll Finance/Administration 324-4545
Personal Property Tax Assessing 324-4510
Petitions City Clerk 324-4560
Plumbing Permits/Inspections Engineering/Building 324-4551
Police (Non-emergencies) Police Dept. 324-4438
Polling Places City Clerk 324-4560
Probation Department 27th District Court 324-4475
Privacy Fences Engineering/Building 324-4551


Recreational Fire Pits Fire Dept. 324-7252
Recreation Program Recreation 324-7290
Recycling Department of Public Services 324-4580
Refuse Collection (trash) Department of Public Services 324-4580
Registration, Voter City Clerk 324-4560
Rental Dwelling Registration/Inspections Engineering/Building 324-4551
Rezoning Requests Engineering/Building 324-4551
Rodent Control/Rats Engineering/Building 324-4551


Senior Center/Senior Services Copeland Center 324-7275
Senior Transporation Copeland Center 324-7285
Sewer Maintenance Department of Public Services 324-4580
Sidewalk Permits/Inspections Engineering/Building 324-4551
Sign Permits Engineering/Building 324-4551
Site Plan Review Engineering/Building 324-4551
Snow & Ice Removal Department of Public Services 324-4580
Small Claims Lawsuit 27th District Court 324-4468
Special Assessments Treasury 324-4570
Special Events (info & applications) Special Events 324-4505
Street Repairs Department of Public Services 324-4580
Street Sweeping Department of Public Services 324-4580
Swimming Pool Application Engineering/Building 324-4551


Tax Information Treasury 324-4570
Tax Hardship Exemption Assessing 324-4510
Taxi Tokens Recreation 324-7292
Trash Collection Department of Public Services 324-4580
Tree Inspection Department of Public Services 324-4580


Utilities (Cable, Water, Electric) Municipal Services 324-7190


Vacant Properties Engineering/Building 324-4551
Variance, Zoning Engineering/Building 324-4551
Volunteer Opportunities Mayor's Office 324-4544
Voter Info (Registration, Cards, Etc) City Clerk 324-4560


Water (Service, Billing, Water Reads) Municipal Services 324-7190
Website Mayor's Office 324-4544
Weeds Department of Public Services 324-4580
Work Permits Board of Education 759-6002


Yack Arena Rental Recreation 324-7290
Yard Sales City Clerk 324-4560
Yard Waste Department of Public Services 324-4580


Zoning Board of Appeals Engineering/Building 324-4551
Zoning Codes Engineering/Building 324-4551

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