City Contacts are filed in alphabetical order by Department.  If you are unsure of whom to direct your feedback or comments you may contact us by email at

City of Wyandotte Main Number: 734-324-4500 
Wyandotte Municipal Services Customer Assistance: 734-324-7100

Assessor's Office      
City Assessor Theodore Galeski 734-324-4512
Deputy Assessor Susan L. Walker 734-324-4511
Finance and Administration      
City Administrator Robert McMahon 734-324-4545
Accounts Payable/Receivable Dana Browning 734-324-4547
Assistant Finance Director Bob Szczechowski 734-324-4542
Business Analyst Michael Pente 734-324-4541
Human Resources Specialist/
Benefit Administration
Anne Goudy 734-324-4543
City Accountant/Payroll Administration Heather Hurd 734-324-4545
Boards and Commissions      
Beautification Commission John Darin 734-324-7293
Board of Examiners of Electricians Kelly Roberts 734-324-4551
Board of Examiners of Plumbers Kelly Roberts 734-324-4551
Cultural and Historical Commission Jesse Rose 734-324-7284
Downtown Development Authority Joe Gruber 734-324-7298
Firefighters Civil Service Commission Beth Lekity 734-324-4492
Municipal Service Commission Paul LaManes 734-324-7111
Planning and Rehabilitation Commission Kelly Roberts 734-324-4555
Police and Fire Commission (Fire) Lynne Matt 734-324-4404
Police and Fire Commission (Police) Laura Allen 734-324-4405
Recreation Commission Sheryl Riley 734-324-4507
TIFA/EDC/Brownfield Paul LaManes 734-324-7111
Zoning Board of Appeals and Adjustments Peggy Green 734-324-4551
Clerk's Office      
City Clerk Lawrence S. Stec 734-324-4560
Deputy Clerk Beth Lekity 734-324-4562
Copeland Senior Center      
Senior Friendship Club 734-324-7275
Department of Public Services      
Call Processing Main Number   734-324-4580
Superintendent of Public Service Jon Allen  734-324-4580
Downtown Development Authority (DDA)      
DDA Director Joseph Keller Gruber 734-324-7298
Engineering and Building      
City Engineer Jesus Plasencia, P.E. 734-324-4558
Building Authority Kelly Roberts 734-324-4555
Building Code of Appeals Kelly Roberts 734-324-4551
Community Development Joseph Keller Gruber 734-324-7298
Engineering Office Supervisor/Dev Coordinator Kelly Roberts 734-324-4555
Mayor and Council      
Mayor  Robert A. DeSana

City Council Member Robert Alderman 734-324-4540
City Council Member Chris Calvin 734-324-4540
City Council Member Kaylyn Crayne  734-324-4540
City Council Member Todd Hanna 734-324-4540
City Council Member Rose Shuryan 734-324-4540
City Council Member Kelly Stec   
Executive Assistant to Mayor and Council Julie Sadlowski 734-324-4544
Municipal Services      
Municipal Services Main Number 734-324-7100
General Manager Paul LaManes 734-324-7111
Recreation, Leisure and Culture       
Superintendent Sheryl Riley 734-324-7294
Golf Course      
Golf Course Main Number   734-324-7270
Golf Course Clubhouse   734-324-7271
Museum Offices      
 Museum Director  Jesse Rose 734-324-7284
Special Events/Wyandotte Street Art Fair      
Special Events Coordinator Heather Thiede 734-324-4502
Public Safety (please note, these are non-emergency numbers.  In the event of an emergency, please call 911)
Animal Control Neil Hunter 734-324-4428
Fire Department      
Fire Chief Chief Jeremy Moline 734-324-4404
Fire Station #1     734-324-4402
Fire Station #2     734-324-4403
Police Department      
Main Police Number     734-324-4405
Police Chief Chief Archie Hamilton 734-324-4420
27th District Court The Honorable Elizabeth L. DiSanto 734-324-4475
Ticket Information     734-324-4475
Youth Assistance     734-324-7268
Treasurer Todd Browning 734-324-4570
Deputy Treasurer Bob Szczechowski 734-324-4542
Website Julie Sadlowski 734-324-4544