Riverbank (Riverside Dr. 4th)

                Ludington (Biddle Avenue – Waste Water Treatment Plant)

The City of Wyandotte has contracted with Al’s Asphalt Paving Co. to perform asphalt resurfacing as part of the 2022 HMA Resurfacing Program.  Phase 4 of the project includes the streets listed above and is scheduled to begin on Monday, September 12th, 2022.  This phase of the project will be completed in stages over a period of approximately twelve (12) weeks.  During this time properties may lose access to driveways up to fourteen (14) days.  On paving days properties will lose access for hours as the new asphalt is allowed to cool. 

The street will be closed to through traffic during working hours, except for emergencies.  The street will be repaired one-half at a time to allow traffic to continue after working hours.  Please park vehicles in other locations when contractors are working on your street so that work can be performed in a safe and timely manner.  Home owners will be permitted access to their driveways unless the adjacent road is being patched.

Note the City will repair full height curb as part of the project.  However, repair of curb cuts adjacent to driveway approaches is the responsibility of property owners.  Property owners may request the contractor to repair curb cuts at their cost; a permit is required.  Also, property owners should stake any irrigation systems by September 19th to avoid accidental damage by the Contractor.  Trash pickup will continue on the regularly scheduled day.

Additionally, the contractor will be upgrading sidewalk ramps to current federal standards.  This involves making the ramp areas less steep.  As the ramp slopes are lessened the adjacent greenbelt areas need to be re-graded to meet the lowered sidewalk.  This will involve re-grading both the City owned grassy areas as well as privately owned grassy areas on corner lots.  Residents are encouraged to water the restored areas frequently to ensure turf establishment.

We apologize for the inconvenience this work may cause you.  The City and Al’s Asphalt will limit the inconvenience as best as possible.  Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.  Should you have any questions, kindly contact the undersigned at 734-324-4558, or by email at