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The Wyandotte Community Garden has been relocated to the Grove Street Green Belt Park at Grove Street and Biddle Avenue.  


Community Garden Work Days

These days are designated for gardeners and other community volunteers to visit the community garden, and help clean the area, including collecting and removing trash, trimming the grass around your own bed, and organizing the the garden area, coiling hoses, etc. Please do not interfere with the plants or decorations in any bed that is not your own. There are no official start or end times for clean up day - just visit the garden and do what you can to keep things looking great. If you have reserved a community garden bed, please help us keep the garden beautiful by helping out on clean up days and any other days! 

2023 Dates

Spring Clean-Up April 22, 2023
Community Garden Opening April 22, 2023
Spring Dig-In May 20, 2023
Fall Clean-up October 21, 2023
Community Garden Closing October 28, 2023

Garden Bed Assignments

Community Garden Application & Program Rules

Community Garden Etiquette

  • Begin planting by June 1 and keep plots planted and maintained throughout the growing season.
  • Clean up plots by November 1st.
  • Keep weeds under control.
  • Pick up trash and litter from the garden.
  • Plant tall crops where they will not shade neighboring plots.
  • Harvest only your own crops, unless given permission by other plot owners.
  • Do not use fertilizers, insecticides or weed repellents that will affect other plots.
  • Do not grow invasive or illegal plants.
  • Do not bring pets into the garden.
  • Notify the Beautification Commission if you abandon your plot.