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In order to accommodate your civil or landlord/tenant matter as expeditiously as possible, the 27th District Court is strongly encouraging you to attempt to resolve your matter through the online dispute resolution platform MI-Resolve.


The MI-Resolve is a new dispute resolution system that is sponsored by the Michigan Supreme Court.  Through MI-Resolve, parties can go online to negotiate directly with the other party, or have a CDRP center mediator help them resolve their dispute.  If the dispute is resolved, the system produces the necessary court forms for filing in the individual courts.  If the other party does not wish to use MI-Resolve, or if you do not reach an agreement, your right to pursue your matter in court and to have your case heard by a judge is not affected.  The process is confidential: the court will know only whether you participated in MI-Resolve if the case was ordered by the court and/or if the case was resolved.  This means that if you are able to resolve your dispute online, other than ensuring that the proper forms are brough to court, you may not need to appear for further court events.  Importantly, the service is free, involving no cost to the parties or court.

This system is available online 24/7.  You can access the system through a PC, tablet or smartphone at:

Wayne Mediation Center

Wayne County

MI-Resolve Site:

Contact: Sue Wilson, Executive Director,

The Online Dispute Resolution form can be accessed here