Recreation Commission
Meeting Scheduled for
December 12, 2017
has been -C-H-A·N-G-E-D- to December 13, 2017
at 5:30 pm located in the
warming room at the Yack
The Firefighter’s Civil Service Commission meeting scheduled for
November 8, 2017
has been CANCELLED.
The next meeting is scheduled for
December 13, 2017.

Recall of Kiddle Disposable Plastic Fire Extinguisher

The Wyandotte Fire Chief would like to inform residents of the City of Wyandotte of a massive recall of Kidde disposable plastic fire extinguishers. This recall has been initiated due to the extinguishers failure to discharge.

  1. Media Release
  2. Consumer Produce Safety Commission
  3. Kidde web site to request a replacement extinguisher