Downriver Animal Control Department is operated as a division of the Wyandotte & Southgate Police Departments and works in conjunction with Pound Pals and volunteers of P.A.W.S. to provide the citizens of Wyandotte with animal care services. Animal Control adopts domesticated cats and dogs as long as are not vicious or in a state of poor health. Friendly animals are spayed/neutered and available for adoption during our weekend and evening adoption hours.

Downriver Animal Control would like to remind you that all owners of dogs, cats or ferrets in the City of Wyandotte are required to register for an Animal License. Applications for an animal license are available for download below, at the Police Department, Department of Public Service or Office of the Clerk. Upon receipt of this application, you will be issued a tag which will be used to identify your pet in the event it becomes lost.

How to Contact UsPic-Depts-WyandotteAnimalPound

The Downriver Animal Shelter is located at 14300 Reaume Parkway, Southgate Michigan 48192 and may be reached by calling 734-246-1328.  Click here for the Animal Shelter website.

Our hours of operation vary, as our officer is frequently out on patrol. If you should find an animal, you may contact animal control to pick up the animal. Domesticated animals will be picked up by our department. Requests after 5:00 pm may be directed to the Wyandotte Police Department non emergency number at 734-324-4405.

Traps are available to capture non-domesticated animals. Please contact the Downriver Animal Control at 734-246-1328 or 734-324-4405 (after 5:00) to obtain a trap. Once the animal is successfully trapped, you must contact Animal Control, once again, to pick up the animal.

Pets For Adoption

Summer means more stray animals! If your dog or cat is missing, please contact the Wyandotte Animal Shelter at 246-1328, or visit the shelter at 14300 Reaume Parkway, Southgate Michigan 48192. If you are looking for a new pet we have some great cats and dogs waiting for you. Summer also means baby bunnies - if you find them in your yard, please leave them be! They have a better chance at surviving if left in the nest, as their mother will return to feed them at night. View our adoptable animals

Adoption hours are as follows:
Monday - 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Tuesday - 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Friday - 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Saturday - 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Sunday - closed on Sundays


Yard maintenance is the biggest factor that will reduce the presence of rats. Residents should do the following to help with the reduction/elimination of rats:

  • Remove brush/compost piles
  • Remove wood piles/boards
  • Keep grass cut and remove tall weeds
  • Firewood must be at least 18 inches off the ground
  • Pick-up after your pets (dog feces is the #1 source of food for rats in the winter)
  • Fruit trees and gardens, pick up fallen/rotten fruit and vegetation
  • Bird/squirrel feeding-keep to a minimum and sweep up daily after animals have eaten, do not allow it to sit out all day and over night

If you see a rat call the City at 734-324-4550.