Leaves will be collected in bulk by the Wyandotte DPS, with vacuum machines or loaders. Please observe the following rules for the collections:

1. Rake all leaves into the street at the curb. 
2. Do not mix sticks or other debris in the leaf piles, as these can cause damage to our equipment or our employees. 
3. Leaves that are placed in cardboard boxes, paper bags, or plastic bags will not be collected. 
4. For safety reasons, please do not allow children to play in the piles that are placed in the road. 
5. Do not park over or near leaf piles due to the potential fire hazard.
6. Wetting the leaf piles with a garden hose will prevent blowing and also reduce the risk of fires. 
7. Do not place leaves in street until your scheduled leaf collection week.

2018 Leaf Collection Schedule