The City of Wyandotte has identified the following sites as Priority Sites for Redevelopment.  The City owns many of these sites and has identified financial incentives and development tools for those interested in redevelopment of these properties. 

For more information, download the site information sheets below.  

In order to utilize active web links in PDF files, please download the files and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You may download Acrobat Reader at the following link:

3131 Biddle Avenue - Former City Hall/Vacant Lot Site

4560 Biddle Avenue - Wild Horses Bar

2958 First Street - Former Wyandotte Theatre Lot

Third & Eureka - City Hall Parking Lot

4200 Eighth Street - EGTA Site

4655 Biddle Avenue - Arkema Deer Pen

3351-3362 Third Street & 231 Eureka - Wyandotte Plaza

3752-3756 Biddle & 344 Orchard - Orchard & Biddle Lot

229 Labadie - Labadie Park 

3109 Fort Street

1503-1535 Eureka

Contact the DDA 734-324-7298 or City Administrator 734-324-4566 for more information regarding redevelopment of these sites.