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Being evicted? The new "Do-It-Yourself Motion to Dismiss Nonpayment Eviction Case or Cancel Writ Due to the CARES Act" is live and accessible on the Michigan Legal Help website. This tool will help tenants file either a motion to quash writ or motion for summary disposition based on CARES act violations. https://buff.ly/30ZVcjA

The 27th District Court has jurisdiction over matters that occur within the City of Wyandotte and the City of Riverview.


  • 8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday
  • 8:30am-7:00pm every third Wednesday of the month
  • The 27th District Court is closed on holidays and when other city offices are closed

How to Contact Us
Chief District Judge: The Honorable Elizabeth L. DiSanto

The 27th District Court is located at 2015 Biddle Avenue, Wyandotte, and may be reached by calling 734-324-4475.
Email: 27DC@wyandottemi.gov

General Information: 734-324-4475
Ticket Prices: 734-324-4475
Criminal Matters: 734-324-4477
Traffic Infractions: 734-324-4476
General Civil Matters: 734-324-4491
Landlord/Tenant Matters: 734-324-4492
Small Claims Matters: 734-324-4468
Probation Department: 734-324-4475

For Michigan Court forms please visit this website.
When contacting us, please keep in mind that our clerks are prohibited from giving legal advice.

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Visiting the Courthouse

  • Proper attire is required. Shorts, tank/tube tops, etc. are not permitted; shoes must be worn.27th District Court
  • You will be required to pass through a metal detector prior to entering the building. Purses, bags and briefcases will be x-rayed and are all subject to further inspection if deemed necessary.
  • Firearms or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited when entering the Police Court facility.
  • Cell phones are allowed in the Court but must be placed in silent mode. Court personnel have the right to limit or terminate activity that is disruptive to court operations or compromises court security.

Payment Information

1. Payment must be made by certified check or money order made payable to: 27th District Court. Personal checks are not accepted. 

2. We accept cash for payment if you are making your payment in person. The Court offices also accepts credit card payments and processes these payment through GPS.

3. You may make your payment by credit card by GPS, INC. 1-888-604-7888. There is a fee for making your payment by phone. 

4. You may make your payment through GPS, INC. online by visiting this website. When making your payment online, use Location Code 1825. ****This GPS does not include posting bond****


There may be a BENCH WARRANT issued for your arrest and/or a SUSPENSION against your driver’s license. Please contact the court for information to resolve these matters. To cancel the bench warrant you MUST either: (1) Post the court ordered BOND with the 27th District Court or Police Department. You will then receive a later court date to appear before the Judge; (2) Appear at the District Court Monday - Friday no later than 11:00 A.M..  If the Court completes the day’s docket you will be arraigned before the Judge. 

Criminal Matters

All criminal matters are initially held in District Court. Felony charges are bound over to Circuit Court after a preliminary examination in the local court is either held or waived. All further court processing is held in the Circuit Court. Misdemeanor cases are processed in District Court from arraignment through sentencing and final case closure. 

If your violation classified as a misdemeanor, you must appear in person on the date noted. “Payable” violations must be paid by the appearance date noted on the citation.

Court costs and fines MUST be paid at the time they are assessed pursuant to Michigan Court Rule 1.110.

Defendants sentenced to Probation may also have various terms to fulfill such as: Substance abuse classes/meetings, Anger management programs, counseling or the Work Force program.

Please refer to the back of your violation for more information on how to resolve the matter.

Civil Infractions

Examples of civil infractions include: traffic violations or municipal ordinance violations. These must be resolved within 14 days of the violation or penalties, convictions and suspensions may be applied. 

Please refer to the back of your violation for more information on how to resolve the matter.

Civil Matters

The 27th District Court only accepts filing of civil matters for defendants’ that reside in the City of Wyandotte or Riverview or if the matter occurred in the City of Wyandotte or Riverview. The Plaintiff must submit the necessary paperwork and submit the required filing fee. Service arrangements may be made by the Plantiff or the Court Officer and the appropriate fees paid. Civil matters must have personal service and affidavit or proof filed with the court. Personal service may be completed by direct contact with the party or by certified mail with a return receipt forwarded by the U.S. Post Office. Proof of service must be filed before a case will continue to court.

Special Programs


The Work Force has been a very successful program for 27th District Court. In lieu of sending a Defendant directly to serve time in jail, the Court may order a number of days to be completed on the Work Force program. The defendant must pay for each day he/she is ordered to serve in addition to any fines & costs ordered at time of sentencing. 

The Work Force is comprised of a crew of four (4) Officers on a rotating schedule utilizing two (2) vans and trailers dedicated to this program. The Work Force is active on Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Defendants are scheduled the days they must work. Additional costs are assessed and/or warrants issued if the defendant fails to appear on their scheduled day(s). The Work Force has various job responsibilities to fulfill within the Cities of Wyandotte and Riverview.


Court in the Schools is held in conjunction with the Wyandotte and Riverview School Districts.

Court is held on stage with the proper decorum and equipment as required by the Michigan Supreme Court. The Judge in her judicial robe, Court Officers in uniforms, the Court Recorder, Probation Officer and Attorneys are present to conduct court on cases that the defendant has approved to participate in. The Judge speaks to the audience of students as to what will occur prior to calling court to order. After the cases are heard, there is a special guest speaker that will address the students about a particular subject such as drug abuse, explanations about the laws, persons that have served in jail/prison, etc. Upon conclusion the files are returned to the District Court for proper updating on the computers and defendants are instructed to return to pay fines and costs or meet with their Probation Officer.