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The Wyandotte Downtown Development Authority shall initiate and coordinate downtown development through design, business recruitment, promotion and the effective use of private and public space for an attractive, festive downtown atmosphere. Adopted January 9th, 2006

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DDA E-Newsletter
DDA District Business Newsletter
DDA Programs & Events

Redevelopment of Former City HallAvailable to view/print in PDF format. Specs, Qualifications and Proposals for Redevelopment

Public Participation Plan
Available to view/print in PDF format. Guide to Development & Doing Business

DDA Strategic Plan
This document is available to view in PDF format. 2017 DDA Strategic Plan

The Downtown Development Authority is comprised of citizens who represent businesses and property owners of the Downtown District. The Downtown Development Authority Director and the Mayor of the City of Wyandotte also sit on the DDA Board. Members are appointed under the authority of the Mayor of the City of Wyandotte, and serve a term of four years. Information about the DDA can be found in Chapter 28 of the Wyandotte City Code of Ordinances.

How to Contact Us

Joseph Keller Gruber, Downtown Development Authority Director
3200 Biddle Avenue, Suite 300
Wyandotte, Michigan 48192

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Downtown Development Authority Board Members

Anne Majlinger
John Jarjosa
Leo Stevenson
Mikelle Vargas
Norman Walker
Patt Slack
Rick DeSana
Vanessa Morse
Mayor Joseph Peterson

DDA Meetings

The Wyandotte Downtown Development Authority meets at 5:30 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. The meeting is held in the City Council Chambers. Meetings are open to the public. Public input may be offered during the time noted on the agenda.


Meeting Minutes for the DDA may be found in the FRONT DESK portion of our website. Meeting minutes for dates NOT listed on this website are available by contacting the commission chair or the clerk's office. Please provide the date(s) of the meeting minutes you desire, and your contact information when making a request to the clerk's office.

Our Programs and Events

Wyandotte Farmers Market

The Wyandotte Farmers Market offers an array of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, lamb, eggs, plants and baked goods. All products sold at the market are either grown locally or include ingredients that are grown locally. For more information about the Wyandotte Farmers Market or special events at the market, please visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter at Wyandotte Farmers Market.




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