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The July Board of Review will meet in the Council Chambers of the Wyandotte City Hall on:

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Said meeting is for the purposed of correcting clerical errors or mutual mistake of fact relative to the correct assessment figures, the rate of taxation or the mathematical computation relating to the assessing of taxes and the error or mutual mistake is verified by the local assessing officer.

Additional information may be obtained in the City Assessor’s office by calling 734-324-4511





All interested parties are notified that a permit amendment application has been received by Commander, Ninth Coast Guard District, from the State of Michigan, for approval of location and plans for the construction of a fixed highway bridge over a navigable waterway of the United States.

WATERWAY AND LOCATION: Gordie Howe International Bridge, Mile 16.7, Detroit River River, City of Detroit, in Wayne County, Michigan, and City of Windsor, Ontario Province, Canada.

CHARACTER OF WORK: Construction of a fixed highway bridge over Detroit River. The Coast Guard previously issued Bridge Permit P(l-14-9) for the proposed project on 30 May 2014. Condition #7 of Bridge Permit P( 1-14-9) stated that Coast Guard approval of the project shall cease and be null and void unless construction of the bridge is commenced within three years and completed within five years after the date of this permit. As construction of the bridge related portions of the proposed project are not expected to start until 2018 the applicant is
requesting an extension of time for the commencement and/or completion of construction activities related to the proposed bridge. This permit amendment application has been submitted as a design-build project. The location, alignment, and minimum navigation clearances remain unchanged from those previously approved on 30 May 2014 through Bridge Permit P(l-14-9).

MINIMUM NAVIGATIONAL CLEARANCES: The minimum vertical navigation clearances have been designated by the Coast Guard to be no less than 133.0-feet at the shorelines and no less than 152.0-feet for the center mid-channel width of 100.0-feet. This permit amendment application has been submitted as a design-build project. For the proposed vertical navigation clearances visit the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center's website: No bridge piers will be located in the Detroit River giving unlimited horizontal clearance between shorelines.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS: The Federal Highway Administration, the lead federal agency for purposes of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), has reviewed and re-evaluated the Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision (ROD) approving the project on 17 January 2017.

complete public notice including a brief summary of project impacts, a map of the location, and plans for the proposed bridge can be viewed and printed from the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center's web site , or by calling, emailing or mailing a request to the Coast Guard project manager, Mr. Blair Stanifer. He can be contacted by telephone at (216) 902-6086, by mail at Commander (dpb), Ninth Coast Guard District, 1240 E. 9th St., Cleveland, OH 44199, or by email at Comments received will be made part of the case record.

All federal, state and local agencies and public representatives are requested to submit an email address(s) to the project manager to obtain this public notice and announcements of future public notices from this office.

Interested parties are requested to express their views, in writing, on the proposed bridge project giving sufficient detail to establish a clear understanding of their reasons for support or opposition to the proposed work. Comments will be received for the record at the office of: Commander (dpb), Ninth Coast Guard District, 1240 E. 9th St, Cleveland, OH 44199, for a 30 day period from the date of the public notice.

Mariners are requested to comment on the proposed vertical and horizontal navigational clearances and any other navigational safety issues including the extent of nighttime navigation past the bridge site.



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