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Community Parking Downtown

Downtown Street SceneThe central business district of Downtown Wyandotte offers free on street parking for patrons and visitors to the downtown area. In addition to this parking, we offer several free city-owned lots for parking. These lots offer parking spaces that are within a 2 to 5 minute walk of the downtown district. Please keep in mind that during special events, some of these lots may be closed. During events such as the Street Fair, we offer shuttle parking to the downtown district.

These free parking lots are located:

Lot #1 Between Oak and Elm at the Detroit River
Lot #2 West side of Van Alstyne, south of Elm Street
Lot #3 Southwest corner of Van Alstyne & Maple
Lot #4 East side of Biddle, North of Sycamore
Lot #5 Northwest corner of Van Alstyne & Sycamore
Lot #6 Northwest corner of Van Alstyne & Eureka
Lot #7 East side of 3rd Street between Eureka & Sycamore
Lot #8 Yack Arena Parking Lot, 3131 3rd Street
Lot #9 Northwest corner of 2nd Street and Maple
Lot #10 West side of 1st between Maple and Elm
Lot #11 Southwest corner of Oak and First 

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